Songwriter, writer, composer, born on 09.06.1975 in Prague (CZ). In civilian life, his world is business and the implementation of new products on the European and worldwide market, companies managing.

He writes his own folk-rock / pop songs. Sings and plays diatonic harmonica & acoustic guitar. Active languages: Czech, Italian, English, German, passive Russian and Spanish. Free time dedicates to his family, music, writing and living.

The aim of his work was, is and also will be to make and to create the right dose of emotions through each song or literary work and to convey the message hidden in them.

He started out as a pure folk songwriter in 1992 and played diatonic harmonica with many bands in the last 27 years. He performed and tried more styles between country, folk, bluegrass, folk-rock and pop until he settled somewhere between the genres and said his style: Folk World Music. A distinctive voice and cedar guitar give the songs a distinctive feature.

His work is his healing remedy. She kept her soul and brain healthy in difficult moments. Creation is a cure. That’s why he has great respect for his works.

Besides Czech and Slovak he controls both written and spoken Italian, German, English, Russian and some Spanish.

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